Overmont 6Qt Camp Dutch Oven



Overmont 6Qt Camp Dutch Oven

This pot is made of high quality cast iron that will last you a lifetime and keeps heat evenly distributed. This Dutch oven and lid has legs so it will sit evenly on the fire. The flanged lid can hold hot coals and flips over for griddling. It can also be used as a frying pan.  This makes it great for frying, baking, and searing. The dimensions are as follows:

6 Quart Dutch Oven (12×11.2x8inch) —Suitable for 2-5 people using

Pot: 4200ml/ Lid: 1500ml Pot Dimension: app.12 x11.2 x 5.5in/ Lid: app.11.2 x11 x 2.8in

Lid depth: app 1.46″ / Lid dia. app. 8.66″ Pot depth app. 3.64″ / Pot Iid dia. app 9.45″

Once you are finished cooking simply wipe clean, dry, and reseason if needed.