Multi Function Tent Stove and Grill



Multi Function Tent Stove and Grill

  • High Heat Output: The Multi Function Tent Stove and Grill can quickly reach a high temperature, act as a heater to provide warmth and heat to a space in outdoor camping trips. The tempered glass window makes you enjoy watching the fire and check the situation inside without opening the door, also adds to a cozy atmosphere and the overall feeling of warmth.
  • Large Rectangular Firebox with Multi-function: The size of the stove body is 15.75″ L x 9.85″ W x 9.85″ H. The flat top offers a extra large cooking surface with a removable hotplate cover, stainless steel grill, and two shelve racks o further extend your cooking area. The wood burning stove can be used to cook just about anything you can cook on the range in your kitchen.
  • Double Firebox Wall and Sectional Stove Pipes: Secondary ventilation ensuring efficient clean combustion, and keep heat in the stove longer. 5 piece flue pipes, the maximum height is 4.76 feet, diameter is 3 inches / 7.6cm. The height can be adjusted to suit different spaces, like tipi-tent or tiny house.
  • Easy to Use and Safe: Camping wood stoves use natural fuel sources like firewood, twigs, wood chips, etc. Grates in the firebox allow air to get to the wood from below for more complete combustion and provide the ability to clean out ashes even when the fire is still burning. Be vertically vented by running the flue pipe out of the top of a tent.
  • Collapsible Legs for Stable and Portable: Wide collapsible 4-leg design helps keep the Multi Function Tent Stove and Grill stable on uneven surfaces. The whole stove adopts a detachable design scheme. You can easily remove the collapsible elements fitting into the stove, like chimney pipes, it’s easy to store and carry. NOTE: Wear Gloves when assembling the tent wood stove. Sometimes there are sharp edges on the pipes and stove that can cut you.
  • Product description

    It’s great to have a tent stove, It provides a cooking place for your camping house, you can be unaffected by any elements. The equipment is ideal for camping in cold weather. Most importantly, it is convenient. You don’t have to leave the comfortable space of the tent to put the camping kettle or camping coffee pot on the stove to make coffee in the morning.

    Enjoy Cooking and Grilling on The Stove Like at Home – With Fltom stove, cooking a delicious meal, or doing an outdoor BBQ while camping is as easy on the stove as at home: Light it, and place pot, pan or grill on the cooking surface. You can also remove the round cooking plate and cook directly over the open fire.
    Collapsible Legs and Sectional Flue Pipes – Connective legs provide a stable base for the stove. When not in use, the sectional stovepipe stores in the firebox and the legs fold to the body for small pack size and transportation.

    Package Include
    Stove x 1
    Front Grate x 1
    Back Grate x 1
    Fire Poker x 1
    Side Shelve x 2
    Handles / Side Shelve Bracket x 2
    Heat Resistant Glass x 1
    Glass Assembly Kit x 1
    Ashes Pan / Air Vent Control x 1
    Metal Cooking Plate x 2
    Stainless Steel Grill x 1
    Vertical Chimney Pipes Adapter x 1
    Chimney Pipe Section x 5

    Stove: Carbon Steel
    Grill: Stainless Steel
    Flue Pipe: Stainless Steel

    Stove Body: 15.75″ L x 9.85″ W x 9.85″ H
    Flue Pipe Length: 12.3″ x 5
    Flue Pipe Diameter: 3″
    Cooking Plates Diameter: 5.5″ + 8″
    Grilling Space: 8.54″ x 14.45″

    – It‘s your responsibility to ensure the shelter and tent used has the appropriate fire retardant qualities necessary. We advise not to leave stoves unattended and to make sure it has been extinguished prior to sleeping. Always make sure the stove is stood on something fire retardant, as accidental sparks may go straight through the groundsheet.