Legend Cast Iron Multi Cooker Skillet Set


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Legend Cast Iron Multi Cooker Skillet Set

Cast from solid, pure, premium-grade steel and iron, this 3.2Q combo set of dutch oven and convertible lid+skillet masters heat distribution like no other. Comes pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil.  Works with all cooktops too: Over the highest flame on the stove, at medium heat in the oven, or on live campfire coals.  The more you cook, the better it performs.  As you build up your own seasoning, you write your story into a pan that’s worth passing down because these cookers will last a lifetime and then some.

Each skillet features a long handle for tossing, positioning, handling and carrying. These handles are part of the actual cast iron mold—no seams, welds, or joints.  included in this set is 1 cast iron frying skillet, 1 cast iron deep skillet, cast iron care booklet, and the magical ability to sear, fry, sauteé and bake like a masterchef.